The Circle and the Wheel and the Sundoor


[aras-image:2Bh.308,c,10,,,Figure 33 Babylonian guardian lion.]

In commenting on the American painting by Kenneth Noland, entitled "Gift," Philip Rawson writes that "The center of every target is Gold" and Noland "offers two depths of symbolic gold, emblem of the Supreme Light that imbues natural light. Gold is the maximum of light of the red arm of the colour-series. White is the light of the blue arm. The yellow field is the earthly tint which invites us to approach the figures of light."17 This vision is presented to the viewer in a series of concentric circles moving from the outer ring of white to the circle of gold in the center.
A Richard Lippold sculptures "Sun" is an interplay of light reflected off metallic surfaces, a three dimensional sculpture of metal and wire.18 Of it Rawson writes, "This is no representation of the ordinary sun, but an image of the Supernal Sun, with rays of many kinds. Golden-coloured metal is a traditional symbol for the congealed light of the sun, which is probably the chief reason for the value attributed to gold since time immemorial."