Introduction / Using ARAS: The Symbolism of the Cross

[aras-image:5Ja.008,,18,260,329,Crucifixion Scene by Paul]
  Paul Gauguin's 'Yellow Christ', inspired by an early crucifix in Brittany, places the crucifix in a field in a field with peasant women kneeling or working below it as part of the daily experience of these people
Salvador Dali's 'Christ of St. John of the Cross' probably referred to a specific passage in the writings of the saint. It shows a large cross floating in space with the head and shoulders and outstretched arms of Christ on the horizontal and the feet and the foot of the cross extending far into vertical presentations. It appears lighted from outside the painting for the exquisitely modeled head and shoulders glow with a russet, golden light reflected from the body. Below, a lake with a boat on the near side and mountains with light behind them on the far side, are drawn from a different point of view. The double perspective suggests that we cannot perceive the celestial event and the daily facts from a single standpoint.