Introduction / Using ARAS: The Symbolism of the Cross

[aras-image:5Fk.132,,9,,,Holy Family from the Book of Hours (15th C.)]
  For instance, the symbolism of weaving is derived from the horizontal cross. Guénon describes the warp as the 'immutable principial elements' and the to and fro movements of the shuttle represent the weft, the 'variable contingent elements' (GUÉNON 5). Manifestation takes place at the point of their intersection. The symbolism of weaving lies deep in the imagery of our language: a man picks up the threads of his life, he is caught in a net, a web, and the total pattern of his individual life or of the social structure becomes a fabric or a tapestry. An illustration for the Book of Hours for Catherine of Cleves shows Mary at a look
(5Fk.132,). ...