Give to ARAS!

We received the following letter from an online member and yearly donor, which describes why she gives to ARAS. We hope that that you will also support this unique archive as the place to explore symbolic images that inform our lives.

“In a world increasingly dominated by uprooted images and unnoticed soul, I find ARAS a place to search for the missing roots and a fabric of meaning, beginning with a humble image, a fragment, or a wisp of myth. Here I can find a nurturing soil for the imagination, and discover the dimensions of significance in which everyday bare surfaces of psyche are embedded. A gift is a communal act. When I give to ARAS, it comes back to me tenfold, because I know I am continuing a circle that provides for our deepest selves and helps ARAS expand their gift back to all of us who are lovers of living imagination.”—Priscilla Rodgers

Please join Priscilla and others like her to support ARAS by giving as generously as you can.

With deep gratefulness for your interest in ARAS Connections, I bring you good news to share at this holiday season and hope you will celebrate with us some of the year's achievements. The Book of Symbols continues its reach out into the world. It can now be read in seven languages and is sold in bookstores from Melbourne and Madrid to Sao Paolo and MoMA in New York. After lowering the student membership fees, more students have joined ARAS Online. We have increased the number of membership organizations in the form of colleges from around the world. Thanks to a generous donor, we will soon make the archive iPad and iPhone compatible. At the same time, we are retooling the infrastructure of the website for better sourcing and searching capabilities.

These successes have made us even more eager to continue improving the archive. This takes time and money and the book’s royalties defray only a fraction of what it costs to manage the archive and its special projects. Your contribution today ensures this unique archive for the future.

Our warmest wishes for the Holidays!
Ami Ronnberg