A Portal to the Imaginal - Videos

Videos from the paper A Portal to the Imaginal: Steve Coleman, The Mill Valley Throckmorton Theatre, and Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander by Thomas Singer.


Clip 1  Alexander and the Puppet Theatre in Fanny and Alexander


Clip 2  Oskar’s Speech at Theatre Christmas Party in Fanny and Alexander


Clip 3  Alexander and the Ekdahl house rooms


Clip 4  Alexander, God and Puppets in Fanny and Alexander


Clip 5


Clip 6


Clip 7


Clip 8  The Numinous Light in Fanny and Alexander: The Ekdahl Easter Dinner Table Becomes a Living Mandala Cake


Clip 9  Reading Strindberg at the end of Fanny and Alexander


Here is a video of Tom Singer presenting this paper at the Throckmorton Theatre on 4/30/22