ARAS Publications

ARAS Publications

ARAS has published three books:

The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

Available November 2010

An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism
Volume One
An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism
Volume Two
The Body

Selections with text from Volume One and Volume Two

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
The God Thoth as an Ibis with the Goddess Maat
One of the Twin Gods of War
Janiform Cap Mask with Horns
No Mask

ARAS Connections: Image and Archetype
(formerly, the ARAS Newsletter and the
ARAS / Art and Psyche Online Journal)

2013 Issue 1
2013 Issue 2
2013 Issue 3
2012 Issue 1
2012 Issue 2
2012 Issue 3
2012 Issue 4
2011 Issue 1
2011 Issue 2
2011 Issue 3
2011 Issue 4
2010 Issue 1
2010 Issue 2
2010 Issue 3
2010 Issue 4
2009 Issue 1
2009 Issue 2
2009 Issue 3
2009 Issue 4
2008 Issue 1
2008 Issue 2
2008 Issue 3
2008 Issue 4
2007 Issue 1
2007 Issue 2
2007 Issue 3
2007 Issue 4
2006 Issue 1


Amplification: The Dance by Mary Jo Spencer
ARAS: Archetypal Symbolism and Images by Torben Gronning, et. al.
On Aspects of Beauty in C.G. Jung's Red Book by Paul Brutsche
A Brief History of the Creation of ARAS Online by Tom Singer
Chinese Avant-Garde Art: Body and Spirit Struggle for a New Cultural Identity by Chie Lee
In the Footsteps: The Story of an Initiatory
Drawing by Dr. Joseph Henderson
by Tom Singer
Joseph L. Henderson, M.D., 1903-2007 by Tom Kirsch
The Making of The Book of Symbols by Ami Ronnberg
The Myth of the Messenger by Jules Cashford
News from ARAS' Upcoming Book • Oya
More Research from ARAS: The World Tree
A Pictorial Guide to The Red Book by Jay Sherry
Red Book, First Impressions by Tom Kirsch
Dwelling Imaginally in Soulless Times, An Appreciation of the Work of James Hillman by Sylvester Wojtkowski
Pictorial Space throughout Art History: C�zanne and Hofmann by Maxson J. McDowell
Niki de Saint Phalle: a Psychological Approach to Her Artwork and the Symbolic Significance of the Tarot Garden by Paul Brutsche
Breaking of the Vessels: Destruction and Creation in the Art of Anselm Kiefer by Mary Wells Barron
The Book of Job: Encountering Inner Multiplicity by Diane Cousineau Brutsche
On Making a film of THE MYSTIC LAMB by Jan van Eyck by Jules Cashford
Pictures from the Unconscious by David Blum

Online Book: Amplification of Symbols

by Harry Prochaska

A Portrait of Harry Prochaska by Michael Flanagin
Introduction / Using ARAS: The Symbolism of the Cross
The Circle and the Wheel and the Sundoor
Images of the Divine Child
The Purpose of Amplification
The Wrath of Kali

Online Book: The Serpent and the Cross:
Healing the Split through Active Imagination

by Katherine M. Sanford

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Ami Ronnberg, Curator of ARAS New York
Karen Arm, Assistant Curator of ARAS New York
Jeff Levinsky, Project Manager of ARAS Online