#WithUkrainianJungians Information

We invite you to join us in walking alongside our Ukrainian colleagues.

You can participate in a number of ways:

Attend the monthly webinars. This means a lot to our Ukrainian colleagues. All webinars are aimed at everyone, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian. The webinar series launched in January of 2023 and continues monthly until 5/21/24.

• Participate in a Social Dreaming Matrix Group

• Participate in one of the following parallel projects below

Financial Donation to our Ukrainian colleagues who are suffering severe financial hardship. All money raised goes to Ukraine.

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#WUJ - ARAS Image Project

Presenters and participants in the 2023/4 #WUJ webinar series are invited to share images and pieces of music that arise in response to their experience of each webinar.

We are looking for newly created as well as existing images and music that come to mind. Pieces which manifest in a synchronistic way are also welcomed.

You can submit an image or audio file by clicking on Submissions. ARAS will collate and publish your image/audio file with its cultural context and archetypal association in our gallery.

Click here for more information.

Submissions    |    Gallery 

#WithUkrainianJungians Film Project: 'Frames and Borders'

An international Jungian community film project reflecting our lives in the year ahead and who we are to each other. We will use the lens of our experience of the Ukrainian War, which may reach elsewhere. Everyone is invited to participate. All you need is your mobile phone or a camera!

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#WUJ Dream Depository

A place to hold synchronistic and somatic experiences as well as dreams arising from participation in the #WUJ webinar series.

The Depository is anonymous. https://forms.gle/NfasrSEVJC31YYaR6