Tom Singer

Well—who would have predicted that this edition of ARAS Connections would see the coming together of an extraordinary study of the color RED and a glowing image of the first visitors to National ARAS in New York City from the People’s Republic  of China whose flag is a brilliant Red.  So this edition is a totally unplanned celebration of the color Red and the people of China.  We welcome our distinguished visitors to ARAS from China.  And we welcome the exquisite work of Deborah Fausch who single handedly will change the way you see color forever.  Her study of Red brings me back to one of my earliest childhood school memories when I first learned to link different colors with their names and how to spell them. The feeling of the memory is one of joy, of essential things coming together for the first time, maybe even tinged with what Eric Neumann called "uroboric mysticism”.  But, now it would be good to see colors again before words were attached to them.  I suspect anybody who takes the time to read Deborah’s work will have such primal moments come to them, whether for the first time or from a very old time.

Flag of the People’s Republic of China