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For some time, we have been gestating ideas of how to reach out to the ARAS audience more effectively with a greater variety of offerings. At the same time, we have also wanted to be more interactive and receptive to the world of ARAS users. Our vision of creating An ARAS Outreach Center led us to the name of Archipelago, a place where we can present ARAS projects to the world and receive curated commentary and contributions from the world.

An archipelago is an expanse of water with many scattered and interconnected islands.  For a Jungian oriented group, this is a perfect image of the relationship between unconscious and conscious, both collective and personal. It is also a good image for the relationships between the symbolic imagery of different cultures in different eras. They are separate in their cultural uniqueness but also connected by a sea of common human experience that we call archetypes. And now, we have our own archipelago in the form of an interconnected world wide ARAS community, separated by the vast seas of both physical oceans and cultural differences and connected by the archetypal commonalities of being human.

We will offer books, courses, galleries and forums.  We look forward to what you have to share.

Here is a tour of this new section of our site: