Tom Singer

For most, reading Jung is both exciting and challenging. His wisdom has brought the inner world back into the equation of how we know things and how we can live in the world.  But, I suspect that for many, as for me, it has been equally challenging to remember, locate or research what Jung had to say about all sorts of important topics. I was lucky enough to have John Beebe as a generous colleague and every time I wanted to know what Jung had to say about a topic I could call on John to provide me with the relevant reference. But, most of us don’t have access to those rare individuals who seem to have such information at their fingertips. Now we all have such an encyclopedic reference tool at our fingertips in the form of the new Concordance that ARAS has just made available on our site. This Concordance is a boon to our tradition in that it permits instant access to Jung’s thoughts and quotes on everything he wrote in the Collected Works.

The creation of the Concordance is a major achievement and is due almost single-handedly to the work of Thornton Ladd who bequeathed it in his estate to ARAS on the condition that it be made available to all at no cost. Thornton Ladd dedicated his considerable intelligence, talent, energy, time and money to the creation of the Concordance. An early board member of National ARAS who, with a visionary’s eye, saw the potential of the computer to bring the Concordance into being. He had the vision several decades before it could be fully realized because of the numerous technical and legal hurdles that needed to be overcome. Unbelievable persistence and dedication are at the heart of his creation. It is with a great sense of honor that we now bring to the world the fulfillment of Thornton Ladd’s vision in this Concordance to Jung’s Collected Works. Use it, enjoy it, marvel at it, and let us know what you think about it.