Pioneer Teens Artwork


Our two-week art program gives us the opportunity to teach a group of young people to see differently. Their eyes become trained to look for and identify the symbolic essence in a work of art. They go out into the world and see meaning in things they had never previously thought twice about and encounter new things they had never imagined. The journey begins on the first day with individual collage-making. Taking images from art books and magazines, each student begins to create a whole from the scattered parts. They are encouraged to select images that they connect with. Our educators then guide the participants towards articulating the meaning of the piece that has formed and to find its root in a symbol. This symbol has emerged from the artistic and aesthetic choices, both conscious and unconscious, that the student creator made. Here are some examples of the collages our students have made.










Final Projects

Our program allows participants to focus on one symbol for two weeks. Through drawing and art-making, research and in-depth, guided explorations of the city’s great cultural institutions, each teen goes deeper into their symbol’s many facets. By the end of the program, the teens create their own pieces of art as a summation of the experience.

The participants in our program may not have ever made art before. The merit in the art that they make comes from the personal connection that they have found within themselves that links them to the universality of their chosen symbol.  We have witnessed these connections first-hand when we listen to the teens speak about their work at the end of the program. Sometimes, the symbol that comes out of the collage process can seem mysterious to the student but when they delve deeply into it,  it can be surprising, revelatory and deeply meaningful. Here are some of the final art works that our students have created.





Water/Water Signs of Western Astrology













Mandrake and Phoenix


Forest and Crossroads