Amplification: The Dance

... Katherine Bradway in her monograph on the Villa of Mysteries writes that 'She has to find her own god and goddess inside herself. She has to discover and know her inner selfness.'
'And this is the transformation.
'The initiate dancing is generally seen as a deification. This is the end of the initiation and the initiate is dancing the dance of the arisen spirit.
'She has no need of music outside of herself. She makes her own music with the clashing of her cymbals. The scarf, the symbol of the feminine, is flowing out around her, and the staff, or thyrsus such as Dionysus carries, is being held for her by the priestess who is acting as her attendant. It is as though the feminine and masculine are available for her as she needs them. She has fully experienced the power of each, but she is in the power of neither. She is free' (Bradway 1).