5-9-22 Poetry Invite to Write!

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5-9-22 Poetry Invite to Write!

Here is the image for the May Poetry Invite to Write.


Harmony in Blue and Silver: Trouville, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, oil on canvas, 1865, France.

From The Book of Symbols:

"Though Whistler’s Trouville is serene, his beach, like all beaches, is unrelentingly affected by the sea’s potent forces. Twice daily tides drag the shore. Waves roil the land’s debris and make their own deposits. Temperature differentials between land and water summon nearly incessant winds across the strand.

Psychologically the beach evokes for us the daily experience of the slim shore between conscious and unconscious lapped and buffeted, shifted and changed, temporarily submerged and once again delineated in the tidal rhythms of waking and sleeping."

We look forward to what this images inspires in your poetry. Please post your poems here on the forum. Thank you!


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