the moment of doom in today's presentation

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the moment of doom in today's presentation

For me, the moment of doom, the repression of imagination and connection to Gaia, came when the play pointed out that Monsanto, a capitalist company looking only for profit, took over the ancient and humane practice of seed saving and seed sharing. We need to be conscious of the power of computers that now control so much of our interaction and power to those seeking only profit. How do we include this in our imagining a way back to the beautiful ancient story?
response to the doom moment and a thankyou

thankyou deb-- a clear point on that ' moment of doom' comment from Tom Singer.

and thankyou to all who attended the Persephone events from Miriam and myself. ( Craig San Roque)

peter cameron
dooming beauty

There has been much written on ‘doom porn’ by those more articulate than I. But for me Deb, having a constant? awareness of living perceptions of Beauty helps nourish flows of imagination. Exclusive conclusive mind can consider itself as powerful, but we are seeing the consequences of that inflated hierarchy also as a house of cards. Beauty lives in relationships between subjects or elements, so can’t be contained or owned by the self-proclaimed powerful, even they likely deny this. Perhaps we have a responsibility to engage Beauty in these often despairing times.

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