Help Searching

For general help in using the archive, see How to Use the Archive.

Basic Searching

  • To search on any arbitrary word, just type it in.  For example, to see all records that contain the word Jung, just type in Jung.
  • If you type in more than one word, you'll get records containing both words, as in pyramid egypt.
  • To search on a phrase, put it in double quotes, as in "collective unconscious".
  • You can click on a keyword that shows up below the search box to search on it.
  • Matches on keywords are shown first, as they are more precise.
  • To see a specific ARAS record or image, type in its number, such as 1Bf.001, 1Bf.001.1, or 1bf.001a.
  • To get to an alternate text for those records that have them, first go to the regular record, and then click on the link in the text for the alternate you wish.
  • Don't bother to capitalize or put accents on letters, as the search automatically finds words containing these.

Advanced Searching

  • To prevent seeing records with certain words in them, precede the word with a dash.  So, pyramid -egypt gives you records containing the word pyramid but not the word Egypt.
  • Use the word OR to see records containing one word or another.  For example, pyramid or egypt gives you records containing either word.
  • Use the word NEAR for when two words must be near each.  For example, Carl near Jung gives you records where those names appear near each other.
  • Use parentheses to make your query clearer, as in (carl near jung) or (sigmund near freud).

Search Results

  • To see a specific record, click on its thumbnail(s) on the left or the link to the record on the right.  For records with more than one image, the thumbnails will expand the specific image you clicked on, while the link will show you the first image associated with the record.  To see the other images associated with the record, you can click on the bottom << and >> buttons.