Ordering Slides

As a member of ARAS Online, you may order standard 35 mm slides from ARAS for images in the archive at $5 per slide, plus $5 per order to cover postage and handling to addresses in the United States or $15 per order for international addresses. The slides come mounted in standard cardboard sleeves. Allow 10 business days for delivery by mail.

Slides ordered from ARAS may only be used for research and education. Under no circumstances may you use the slides for commercial purposes. As the purchaser of the slides, you will be totally liable for their proper use.

To place your order, first determine which images you want. You'll need the ARAS record number of each image (e.g. 7La.013). For records with more than one image, you'll also need to specify the suffix letter (e.g. 7La.013c). Then, call ARAS at (212) 697-3480. If necessary, please leave a phone message and we will get back to you.

All orders must be paid via MasterCard or Visa and will be billed once we process your order.