2. A Journey Through Symbols: Your Guide to Exploring the Imagination

For the past decade, ARAS has been running a summer intensive art program for teenagers in New York City. The goal of the program has been to initiate young people into the love and exploration of symbolic imagery. We have called this program: Pioneer Teens. If you are unfamiliar with Pioneer Teens, here is a video that explains how it works. After a few years of running the program, we realized that we wanted make it available to a broader audience than the quite small groups of 8-10 teenagers we could accommodate each year. We began to envision a curriculum guide based on the experiences of the Pioneer Teen Program that could be used by teachers, students, and individuals who wanted to learn how to explore symbols and run similar programs. Our idea for a guide book eventually took shape in A Journey Through Symbols: Your Guide to Exploring the Imagination.  We are thrilled to announce that the book, both in a version for groups and a version for individuals, is now available to view and download for free on Archipelago. (Of course you can also make a voluntary donation to ARAS in exchange for the book if you would like). We are hoping that it will be used by students, teachers, artists and any individual learning how to explore symbols. As part of our wish to further develop a virtual community of ARAS users, the book will be accompanied by webpages on Archipelago which will welcome comments and suggestions in the forum and a curated gallery for the display of images and commentary from ARAS users that grows out of the exploration of symbols.