Candidate Studies

Diane Fremont

From the time I started training as a Jungian Analyst, I began to visit ARAS to research themes and images that would come up in my readings, as well as in clinical material and dreams. During many courses throughout my training, we were required to give audio-visual presentations on a given or chosen image or theme, so stopping in to ARAS to research images as well as historical and archetypal written references for these themes became a regular, and delightful, habit. 

Images from the archive were available for creating a slide show or power-point presentation, which would bring the theme to vivid life in the classroom.  I continue to use the online archive frequently, both as a supplement when I teach and as a resource when  I write and give public presentations. When I teach candidates in training, I frequently send my students to the archive or the website, to amplify images that they come across in their readings and clinical work, and have them share these amplifications in class with power-point presentations, along with the clinic material that they are amplifying. This is often the most enjoyable and enriching aspect of classes, for both the candidates and the instructor.

Here you will find two fine examples of the kind of historical and psychological amplification of the image that candidates will often present in class:

Amplification of the Chariot by Anita Morse

Reflections on Mediating the Analytic Process as Imaged in the Mermaid by Tracy Sidesinger, Psy.D.