Dance on the Waters of Creation

Stacy Hassen

This dance is the joy of existence.
Rumi (Coleman with Moynes 1995, 131)

Blending hyper-realistic and free-flowing painting styles, Elaine Chu and Marina Perez-Wong are complementary change-makers. After a synchronistic meeting in art school years ago, these two women felt an immediate kinship and forged an alliance and created Twin Walls Mural Company. Their focused efforts and balancing perspectives seamlessly intermingle to create a distilled unitive, collaborative process, working with pigments in paint to dissolve separation and inequality based on pigments in skin and discordant views of gender. Mainly mural-makers for outdoor spaces, their recent installation (from October 3, 2020–October 23, 2022) inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) was created as part of the museum’s Bay Area Walls commission. Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams features vibrancy and vision for life beyond borders, generational trauma, and division. Working with symbols and vibration, rhythm and emotion, the mural’s visual narrative conveys physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.

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