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We received the following statement from an ARAS Online member, donor and friend, describing why giving to ARAS is important to him. 

"ARAS is a treasure house, rich in detail and variety, matched by the spectrum of users who come to visit—from dreamers and their analysts, who wish to explore the archetypal language of the unconscious, to marketing designers looking for just the right symbol to brand their products. Online and on premises, ARAS is an unparalleled resource. Having the good fortune to be able to easily visit one of their physical libraries offers the personal dimension of being welcomed by warm and informed guides to the archive who help make this extraordinary library a pleasure to work in. They make one feel like an old friend. ARAS, in either dimension, is vast in its offering and, at the same time, a small operation that thrives on the creative energy of its staff and financial support of its users. I’m happy to be a friend, and give what I wish in return." – Royce Froehlich

Please join Royce and others like him in supporting ARAS as generously as you can.  Click here to donate.
With deep appreciation for your interest in ARAS Connections, it is my great pleasure to let you know what is happening at ARAS.  This year has been extraordinary, full of new adventures. We hope you have all explored our beautiful new website, which makes research navigation and adding new material easier.  We are very excited about being able to add 200 new images of African art with accompanying texts, generously donated from the Bareiss family art collection. And thanks to a generous grant from The Bay and Paul Foundation, another 300 images will soon be added to areas in the Archive that need to be filled out.  Transferring the carefully selected 740 images and inspiring texts from The Book of Symbols to the online collection will bring more treasures to the archive files.  We are also very close to having numerous universities, museums and libraries access the online Archive through our partnership with ARTstor. Meanwhile, their tremendous Digital Library is already available for ARAS online members.  We continue to publish articles from the 2012 “Art and Psyche in the City” conference held at New York University, here, in ARAS Connections. ARAS continues to offer Ekphrazein events with young poets presenting poetry inspired by an archetypal image from the Archive.  We hosted an unforgettable two-week summer workshop called Pioneer Teens during which nine teens researched a symbol that felt important to them and created art inspired by their symbol in a joyous atmosphere of partnership and creativity.  Four of the teens are now working as interns at ARAS, and their enthusiasm continues to add a lovely youthful spirit to the Archive.

To continue our many exciting projects we need your help even more than ever before. We hope that all of you will give as generously as you can.  When you give to ARAS, you invest in imagination.

Sending you all good wishes for the holiday season! 
Ami Ronnberg