The Poetry Portal

Ellen Liberatori

The Poetry Portal is a place of community honoring the spirit and energy of words, of poems that are surrounded by the picket fences of a creative community.  It is also a place for inspiration, not just in the images we choose and the poems we write, but hopefully, in the afterthought, the encouragement and revelations that it provides.

Revelations are most difficult to conjure and as they are important one must find them along the paths of journey to places of spirit, heart and soul. And like Robert Bly's remarkable poem, Stealing Sugar from the Castle, revelations can bring the greatest joy.  Though none would be possible dwelling in safety and forgetting the journey. 

We honor the path, the road, that winding ribbon of highway that leads us to places unknown, and if we can give ourselves up to it- we may just find joy there.

 We hope the image Grand Canyon, Arizona by Tseng Kwong Chi will inspire your journey. We invite you to send your poems to by November 15thHere are some of the poems that were submitted for our last Invite to Write.  Thank you to all who took part.