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We received this poem in response to our Archetype in Focus post on Raven and would like to share it with you along with good wishes for the holidays! We hope you enjoy it.

Raven, divining bird
           ~alexandra fidyk

A black Raven came to my door some years ago
and flew away that spring.

He returned again on Christmas, the first thing
I saw outside my steamed up morning window.

(It was not the gift I had imagined.)

Sentinel pines, still northern lake,
           a Saskatchewan winter.

And there—
against the frozen white,
against the freeze frame of lake, its vast expanse,
white on white, adorned, encased
by the glamour of the hoarfrost,
          his shining blue-black feathers
          radiant with life sheen.

They belied this harsh place.

He hopped on the snow-packed earth, stealing
bits of this and that, scraps unseen
by any other eye,

divining the story of this land.