The Poetry Portal

Ellen Liberatori

Dear Friends, Fellow Writers, and Poets,

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted a poem for the last “Invite to Write”, inspired by the image of “Circus,” which you can read here.  I continue to be moved to places of wonder and delight with your submissions.

This time we publish a poem along with this wonderful painting that served as its inspiration in true Ekphrasis tradition.  It was written by Eldon Beck and the title of his poem also gave the name for the theme of this edition, “Unknown Road to Somewhere”.  I hope you will feel as excited as we are and send your new poems inspired by this image to by August 15, 2015.

Unknown Road to Somewhere

Who can break from the mist and travel
through nature with me...
           Joseph Stroud

Lure of the unknown compels I travel the road
that rises then dips into the void of a foggy nowhere
Frosted pastures wait for sharp plows, locust trees
in black bareness edge the lane, thin branches arch,
a twiggy gateway to hazy mysteries. Here I lean
into the breeze, caress gnarled bark, hear blackbirds
chatter in the hornbeam hedgerows. But the lonely
road entices, this gateway demands I discard
contentment and dive into the stew where edges
vanish, pride debates humility, sorrow weaves
her tapestry frayed by torn threads

-Eldon Beck