Reflections on Politics, Culture and Soul: A National Conference on the Psychology of the 2016 Presidential Election

Thomas Singer and Steve Zemmelman, editors

Table of Contents

Introduction by Thomas Singer, M.D.

1.  Catastrophic Change:  Cracked Social Containers and the Precarious Body Politic
Francisco J. Gonzales, M.D.

2.  So, What Did You Expect? Personal and Depth Psychological Issues in Elections
Andrew Samuels

3.  Politics, Character, and the Socially Mediated Candidate
Betty Sue Flowers, PhD

4.  Response to Andrew Samuels and Betty Sue Flowers
Steve Zemmelman, PhD

5.  Living on the Edge of the Apocalypse:  What ISIS, the Christian Right, and Climate Change Deniers Have in Common
Richard Stein, M.D.

6.  The Racial Shadow of American Politics

Fanny Brewster, PhD., MFA

7.  Presidential Elections and Cultural Complexes

Thomas Singer, M.D.