Selections from the 2012 Art and Psyche in the City Conference

Linda Carter, member of the Art and Psyche Group

We continue our tour of outstanding presentations from the 2012 Art and Psyche in the City Conference, this time with three different experiences of visual image. The companion pieces Shadows and Reflections by Judy Evans and Dream Train by Ron Hartley are accompanied by music that works as a thread tying together a wide range of photos and paintings. The third presentation by Ryan Bush called Abstract Photgraphy: A Bridge to Imaginal Worlds has its own rhythm and pacing as we are invited into a soulful artistic process.

In Ron Hartley’s Dream Train we watch the sleeping subway riders, eyes shut, traveling in the dreamworld.  They all look so peaceful as they roll along to their separate destinations. We become curious as onlookers: Who are they? Where have they been and where are they going? What do their dreams look like? How do they know when to get off?

Judy Evans’ piece Shadows and Reflections reveals a stunning body of work.  Her use of light and subtle color bring the natural world within the immediate range of experience for the viewer. Accompanied by music, this wonderful gallery show by an expert painter unfolds right on your computer.

Ryan Bush enters city life with enthusiasm and imagination. Using technical skills, Ryan blurs boundaries or looks at specific aspects of an object such as a tree in detail. He separates out different sections to reveal the natural beauty that can be missed without careful scrutiny. In doing so, Ryan builds bridges from the literal here and now picture to the realm of the eternal and the imaginal.