Tom Singer, M.D.

ARAS is always striving to find better ways to use the treasures we already have in our unique collection. It is easy enough to love the idea of ARAS' preserving and expanding our symbolic collection from all eras and all cultures, but finding new and easier ways to use the collection in a practical way is also on our minds. For some time, we have wanted to include a feature that allows the individual users to collect what interests them most in ARAS.

We have long thought of such a feature as creating a way to “journal” one’s study of symbolic imagery. We have now taken our first major step in creating a tool for this kind of personal journaling with ARAS. Whether you are writing a paper or a book, preparing a lecture, or working on an art or design project, or tracking symbols arising out of your dreams, “My Lists" allows you to keep a running record of the images in ARAS that are most important to you. You can create one or separate collections for all the symbolic images that interest you and arrange them according to the specific topics you are exploring from the vast ARAS collection.  Here are some instructions to guide you through using this new feature.