Chapter 1: Thomas Singer

Thomas Singer

Figure 1.1 Self-portrait from medical school


Figure 1.2 Albert Durer, Goose Fool, Woodcut 1511 (from


Figure 1.3 Film Clip: Zorba the Greek, “The Full Catastrophe”


Figure 1.4 Film Clip: Zorba the Greek, “The Collapse of the Structure”


Figure 1.5 The dock that lasted twenty-four hours at Klima


Figure 1.6 Robert Rauschenberg, Signs, 1970 silkscreen


Figure 1.7 Film clip: Museum tour in Satyricon


Figure 1.8Plato’s Cave


Figure 1.9 David Hockney, Ann at a Mirror Combing, 1979 (


Figure 1.10 Albrecht Dürer in Stultifera navis (Ship of fools) by Sebastian Brant, published by Johann Bergmann von Olpe (de) in Basel in 1498


Figure 1.11 Film Clip: Dinner in Amarcord


Figure 1.12 Film Clip: Amarcord, “Youthful Confession”


Figure 1.13 Film Clip: Amarcord, “I want a woman”


Figure 1.14 Film Clip: Juliet of the Spirits, “Release from the Cross”


Figure 1.15 Film Clip: Juliet of the Spirits, “The Magical Flight of Folly”


Figure 1.16 Albrecht Dürer in Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant


Figure 1.17 Film Clip: Fifth Element


Figure 1.18 Trump and Kim Jong Un face swap from Google


Figure 1.19 Film clip: Juliet of the Spirits, “The Wink”


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