The Circle and the Wheel and the Sundoor

[aras-image:5Fn.001,,12,,,Figure 28 Wheel of Mother Nature.]

A fifteenth century drawing shows Mother Nature holding the eight-spoked wheel of the progression of life itself with the winged female figure at the top representing past, present and future. A zodiac from Aurora Consurgens shows Leo the lion, the Gemini twins, the scales of Libra, and the fish of Pisces. The text describes the figure in the center as Nature as Physis and the movement of the zodiac in the natural world. The textual commentary also describes the Mercurius figure at the top as feminine, with the animals as mediating powers. The serpents at the genitals parallel the kundalini energy of the Indian chakra system.
These patterns of the seasons contain us year after year. The rhythms of work and play, of sleeping and walking, of food and digestion, these are rotations of the wheel in our personal universe. The human organism is a polyrhythmic being and when the rhythmic cycles join an arrhythmic imbalance generated disturbances between the overlapping cycles of being.

[aras-image:5Fo.059,,10,,,Figure 29 Twelve signs of the zodiac.]