The Circle and the Wheel and the Sundoor

[aras-image:2Ak.600,b,9,,,Figure 31 Cobra on Pharoah's Crown.]

The circular movement of the wheel conceived three-dimensionally, generates a spiral. In Egyptian iconography, the cobra standing erect in the uraeus of the double crown of upper and lower Egypt symbolizes the sun power of the Pharaoh. A painting by William Blake uses the spiral as Jacob's Ladder on which the angels move up and down from heaven to earth.
The spiral circles around a center and, with each rotation, moves to a higher plane which may symbolize a raising of consciousness as it moves closer to the center axis. This is a visual image of the progression which C.G. Jung observed in the analytic process when his patients had recurring dreams, for by understanding the psychological dynamics which generated the dreams, the patient moved closer to his core problem but at a higher level of consciousness.

[aras-image:5Jx.036,,11,,,Figure 32 Jacob's Ladder.]