Project Credits

Many people have worked on ARAS over the years.  The following are the current board and staff members, along with participants in the digitization and website redesign projects.

ARAS Staff

Ami Ronnberg
Curator and Executive Director, New York

Kako Ueda
Assistant Curator and Education Manager

Allison Langerak Tuzo
Associate Director

Stacy Hassen
Curator, San Francisco

Keith Wipf
Web Site Administrator


ARAS National Board

Sarah Griffin Banker
Shira Barnett
Stephanie Fariss, J.D., L.C.S.W.
Betty Sue Flowers
Melinda Haas, L.C.S.W.
Chie Lee
Daniel Lindley, Ph.D.
Patricia Llosa
Elaine Molchanov, L.C.S.W.
Deborah O'Grady
Bruce Parent, M.F.A., M.A.
Thomas Singer, M.D.
Deborah Wesley, Ph.D.

Carol Sellers Herbert, honorary
Robin Jaqua, honorary

ARAS International Advisory Board

Ikuko Acosta
John Beebe, M.D.
Paul Brutsche, PhD
Axel Capriles
Jules Cashford, MA
Christian Gaillard, PhD
Aksel Haaning
Andrea Fiuza Hunt
Shiuya Sara Liuh
Kusum Dhar Prabhu
Craig San Roque PhD
Janice Shapiro
Heyong Shen

Digitization Project Team

Carol Sellers Herbert
Tom Singer
Digitization Committee Chairs

Nancy Furlotti
Melinda Haas
Tom Kirsch
Charles Taylor
Digitization Committee Members

Jeff Levinsky
Project Manager

Allison Langerak Tuzo
Collection Editor

Rolf Mortenson
Graphic Designer

Katherine Kyle
Digitization Assistant

Aurelie Athan
Quality Assurance Volunteer

Digitization Project Volunteers

Penny Dinsmore
Ruthann Duncan
Michael Flanagin
Torben Gronning
Aline Izmerlian
Robin Jaqua
Ann Paras
Virginia Rutter
Deborah Wesley

Digitization Project Technical Advisors

Ann McCormick
Stuart Nelson
Bill Ying

Website Redesign 2014

Chris Miller
Trailhead Interactive
Drupal development and data migration

John Kyle
Project Manager

Dyad Communications
Web design