An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism - Volume Two - The Body

The Author, George R. Elder, Ph.D., is a historian of religions trained in Christian studies at Union Theological Seminary and in Buddhist studies at Columbia University. He was a professor for many years at Hunter College, City University of New York, and is a Jungian counselor and the author of numerous scholarly essays.

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A stunning collection of color images and text organized around mythic themes that follow the solar calendar from cosmos and creation to death, transformation, and rebirth. In this second volume, the focus is the human body as a carrier of deep psychological insights and sacred meanings. One hundred stunning color plates detail, carved, painted, and sculpted artifacts from prehistory to the recent past, from the caves of France to the temples of East Asia. Images such as The Footprints of the Buddha from India, the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, the Cretan Goddess with Bared Breasts, and Dielectrics painting Jacob Wrestling with the Angel are accompanied by commentaries on their cultural, and symbolic significance, a record of the work's identity and location, and bibliographies of related readings. An extensive, detailed index is also included. "These stunning images are gifts that enable symbolic contemplation... we learn that they come from inside us, and get outside by being made flesh, so that we learn better what flesh is, what outside is and what inside is -- and that they are in fact one."

~ Roger Kennedy - Director, The National Museum of American History


Janiform Cap Mask with Horns
No Mask

Preface by Charles H. Taylor
Introduction by George Elder
Editorial Note by Annmari Ronnberg


Venus of Laussel • Kannon Blesses a Future Child • Awakening Slave •
Krsna Slays the Demon Putana • Dismemberment of Watakame


Tripod cup with Skeleton • Ezekiel•s Vision of Dry Bones •
Reliqary with Female Guardian • God Removes Adam•s Rib •
Foot of a Vase in the Form of a Spine


White Tara • Black Virgin of Einsiedeln • Tattooed Couple •
Scarified Back of a Woman • The Flaying of Marsyas •
Xipe Totec • Job Suffering from Boils


Cathedral Doorway with Heads • Head of Hathor • Two-Headed Janus •
Tricephalous Christ • Four Faces of Lokesvara • No Mask •
Janiform Cap Mask with Horns • John the Baptist Beheaded •
The Wild Condition • Mary Magdalene in Penitence •
Thor with His Hammer • Samson and Delilah •
St. Francis Preaching to the Birds


The Eye of God • A Cyclops • Eye of Horus • Head of Siva •
Thousand-Armed, Thousand-Eyed Kuan-Yin • Many-Eyed Seraphs •
Eye Goddess • Gorgoneion • Evil Eye of Rangda • Conversion of St. Paul •
Votive Statuettes


Ear Stela • Jayavarman VII • African Girl with Earrings •
Odysseus and the Sirens • St. Gregory with Three Scribes


Panel of the Dotted Horses • Akhenaton Holding an Olive Branch •
The Offerings of Cain and Abel • Palette with Hand and Knotted Sankes •
Hand of Sabazios • Prajnaparamita • Pilate Washing His Hands •
Ka Statue of King Hor • Upraised Arms of Tanit


Sneferu and Goddess • Booger mask with Long Nose • Mask with Labret • Loki •
Ivri Figure • The Giantess Hyrrokin Riding a Wolf • Tutankahmen•s Bed •
Prometheus Bound • Mask of Humbaba • Baubo • The Kiss of Shame


Sacred Heart of Jesus • Chinnamasta • Mesoamerican Ball Player •
Weighing of the Heart • Menstruating Female Figure


Kneeling Woman • Snake Goddess • Dilukai • Sheela-na-gig •
The Cerne Abbas Giant • Phallic Images • Woman Carrying a Phallus •
The Circumcision of Christ • The Ecstatic Moment •
Vajradhara in Union with His Prajna • Figurine of a Pregnant Woman


Footprints of Buddha • Jesus Washes His Disciple's Feet •
Vessel in the Shape of a Winged Boot • Moses Baring His Feet •
Muhammad's Sandals • Crippled Feet of Hephasistos • Jacob's Wounded Thigh •
Achilles Dipped in the River by Thetis • Lovers Like a Pair of Mandarin Ducks •
Yaksi Kicking the Base of a Tree


Gold Coffin •Body• of Tutankhamen • Measure of a Corpse •
The Resurrection of Christ • Shaman's Mask •
Diagram of the Cakras in the Subtle Body • Mary, Queen of Heaven • Coyolxauhqui



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