Ixion crucified on a four-spoked wheel

The legend of Ixion (fig. 258.46b), who was “crucified on the four-spoked wheel,” belongs to the symbol of carrying the cross:

102 CW5 Ser: 1.1 Par 460 (xx) FigNo 258.46b


Ixion first murdered his father-in-law but was afterwards absolved from guilt by Zeus and blessed with his favour

CW5 ¶ 460

Ixion, with gross ingratitude, then tried to seduce Hera, but Zeus tricked him by getting the cloud-goddess Nephele to assume Hera's shape. From this union the centaurs are said to have sprung

CW5 ¶ 460

Ixion boasted of his deed, but as a punishment for his crimes Zeus cast him into the underworld, where he was bound on a wheel that turned forever in the wind

CW5 ¶ 460