Images of the Divine Child

Geographical sites can become the sacred birthplace of the divine child for in this way Earth herself becomes the womb. In these circumstances what we often see is a birth, hidden from the world, in remote, unknown places.
When Kore returns after her abduction and rape by Hades, she is born from the womb of earth. Kore's return was pictured often in Greek art. A late, red-figured Attic vase from 350 BC shows Kore's head and shoulders emerging from the ground with satyrs chopping the ground of each side to free her (Figure 11). Satyrs as mythical creatures from the world of nature restate the spring theme of this mythical event. An earlier vase with black figures from 500 BC show bearded male figures beating the ground, as though to summon her from the underworld (Figure 12).

[aras-image:3Ka.007,,9,,,Figure 11 Goddess arising from earth.]
[aras-image:3Ja.075,a,10,,,Figure 12 Ascent of birth of Kore from the earth.]