ARAS Online for Colleges, Schools, Libraries, and Museums


Colleges, universities, schools, libraries, and museums can join ARAS Online and provide their students, library users, faculty, and staff with unlimited access to the ARAS archive.  For educational institutions, such access is usually arranged by the campus library.  We do not offer group memberships to Friends of Jung groups.  Jungian Institutes have a separate discount option and should contact us at

On-site and Remote Access

When your institution joins ARAS, you provide us with the range of fixed IP addresses that cover your campus or facility.  Anyone accessing ARAS Online from those addresses will not need a password.  Users will be able to share links to ARAS records and images without any password as well, making it simpler for faculty and students to cite specific portions of the archive.

Educational institutions and libraries (but not museums) may also provide offsite access to ARAS Online to their students, users, faculty, and staff via a service such as EZProxy.

Membership Fees

ARAS is a non-profit organization and we aim to provide the widest access to our archive to students, researchers, and all others interested in archetypal symbolism.  Institutional memberships are designed to cover our operating costs and provide very inexpensive per-user access.

For colleges and universities, the membership rate is based on the FTE (full-time equivalent) enrollment in your psychology, art, anthropology, and related departments.  There is no additional charge for enrollment in other departments.

For schools, the membership rate is based on your total enrollment.

For libraries, the membership rate is based on your service population.

For museums, the membership rate is based on your staff size.

Membership Period

Institutional memberships generally run for 12 months.   For institutions on fiscal years, memberships can be pro-rated to finish out a current fiscal year.

Support and Reporting

We offer you free phone and email assistance with any technical problems during regular business hours.

You will also be able to view and print detailed usage reports for arbitrary time periods.  For privacy reasons, usage reports do not list actual queries made, images viewed, or records accessed.


Please review the full institutional user agreement.

How to Join

To obtain the membership rate for your institution or ask questions, please call (212) 697-3480 or email  We will provide you with an invoice for your upcoming and/or remaining fiscal year as requested and an individualized institutional user agreement.

Upon receipt of two signed copies of your user agreement, which will include your IP address information, we will activate your membership.  We will return one of the signed agreement copies to you.