11-9-22 Poetry Invite to Write

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11-9-22 Poetry Invite to Write

Here is the image for the October Invite to Write:

Ceremonial clothing is a way of assuming power or disappearing into an expression of power or to disappear into the performance of function or power. According to the American Folk Art Museum's description of the above object:  "During the performance of Odd Fellows rituals, members donned costumes to portray characters in the story and make the lessons come alive for initiates." The uniform can make corpulent the abstract form of an organization or fraternity. This mixing of the abstract and physical can be liberating and creative or dangerous and restricting. Where do you see uniforms both explicitly and subtly in our culture? What do you see communicated in ceremonial clothing? What do you wear that feels like a uniform to you? What is a uniform for you?

Image: Independent Order of Odd Fellows Robe, Velvet, Cotton, and Metal, 1875-1925.

Post your poems here in the forum or email them to info@aras.org . We look forward to reading them! Thank you!

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