Answers to your questions from Jules Cashford

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Answers to your questions from Jules Cashford

Hello all! We received quite a few questions during the first session of Gaia: Then and Now on January 8th.  Our presenter, Jules Cashford, has compiled answers here. Enjoy!


What an incredible offering to Gaia you have set out on the world altar Jules - thank you so very much - I am in awe of your being able to distill this vast material, (which I also imagine to be your life's work), down into these 2 films. These richly woven tapestries, which themselves hold "the memory of the whole" - need not (in my humble opinion) be broken down further - we need not bend to the fast pace of the world and the shortness of the attention span - I loved the silences within the films - this is food for the imagination. Much gratitude for what you have brought forth.

Thankyou Jules

For taking such care to answer our questions and for the kind offer, I will be in touch.

Contact details

Hi Admin,

I’ve been trying to track down contact details for Jules without success as she kindly offered to share a paper with me.

Would it be possible to contact me directly, my email is b*nty* (where *=e).

Many thanks

Answers to Sunday's questions from Jules Cashford

Hello everyone! Jules has compiled answers to the questions that came in during Sunday's session of the webinar. Thank you, Jules!

My question on day one, which apparently did not make it through the internet, is whether there is some connection between Gaia and Sophia, the early Judeo-Christian feminine god figure. Her disappearance comes with the onset of patriarchy, just as Gaia lost power when masculine values prevailed. Is there a connection between the two? Thanks for all you are doing.

Padma Menon
An Indian perspective and heartfelt thanks

Dear Jules, It was an honour and joy to watch the two webinars. They deeply resonated with me. I am an Indian dancer in a lineage that is based on the ancient Indian Goddess tradition. I have spent my life tracing its orgins back to ancient Goddess practices of Indus and the Dravidian (pre-Vedic) times. The dance holds memory of this ancient emboided philosophy in miraculous ways. I found your work and your wisdom affirms much of what I have experienced through my embodied inquiry. It also throws light on many congruent movements in ancient Indian Goddess practices- how could it not because when one moves from the whole it is inevitably universal! I have also been inspired by Carl Jung's inquiry, expecially his Red Book, which encouraged me to continue my own (often solitary) embodied inquiry into divine revelation. I would love to get in touch with you if you are open to this. My website is at Thank you again from my heart for the sacred work you offer that is so urgently needed in the times we live in. Regards, Padma

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