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Ariadne's thread

This morning's presentation by Jules Cashford was simultaneously illuminating and overwhelming. With the birth of each new god in the Greek pantheon, I found resonances with modern times. The story of Gaia as the Mother outlines a genesis of the development of human civilization, at least from a Western point of view. I would love to have a transcript of the talk and wonder if that might be possible. That way, I could follow Ariadne's thread from my resonance with this history and so connect this prolific development into the present day. Because I don't think it ends with the loss of the gods. I think Hillman was really onto something when he criticized monotheism. The gods are alive, just buried deeply in our collective unconscious.
Transcripts of Jules Cashford's videos

Hello Deborah,
We are going to post transcripts of Jules' two videos, along with the videos themselves.
I'm happy to hear that. It

I'm happy to hear that. It was so rich and full of information - impossible to take notes or do anything but pay rapt attention.
Transcripts of Jules Cashford's videos

I agree that it was incredibly rich and full of information. Certainly more than one can take in in a single viewing.
But rapt attention is a good place to start. It does raise the question of how to make this incredibly rich meal more easily digested and we may play around with ways of breaking it down into smaller doses--perhaps ARAS will create a further development of this in the form of a series of images/text/video and pauses for digestion. worth thinking about. Tom
I love this idea, Tom. In

I love this idea, Tom. In fact, I was thinking that there is so much here, and so much to be shared, that some kind of discussion group would be wonderful. Given that we are all used to using Zoom now, this could include people from near and far. How might we get something like this started?

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